Thesis Defense Presentations

Liangliang Gu Modification of Poly(lactic acid) by Melt Blending

Seyoung Jung Complexation Between DNA and Hydrophilic-Cationic Diblock Copolymers

Han Zhang Zeolite MFI Membranes on Low Cost Polymer Supports

Lian Bai Controlling Cocontinuous Polymer Blends with Nanofillers Jammed at the Interface

Robert Lade Flow and Drying Dynamics in Gravity- and Capillary-Driven Coating Processes

Ken-Hsuan Kirby Liao Graphene Synthesis and Graphene/Polymer Nanocomposites2012

Suqin Tan Soy-based Polyurethane Rigid Foam2010

Carlos Lopez-Barron On the Coarsening of Cocontinuous Polymer blends2009

Ling Zhang From Soybean Oil to Polyurethane Flexible Foams – Is Natural Oil an Alternative to Petroleum Oil?2008

Michail K. Dolgovskij Dispersing Layered Silicates in Polymer Melts: Using Melt Rheology to Determine Dispersion2007

Alhad Phatak Melt Processing and Mechanical Properties of Polyolefin Block Copolymers2006

Michael S. Owens Misting in Forward Roll Coating: Structure––Property––Processing Relationships2004