Rheology Short Course

June 11-13, 2019 at Stanford University

A three-day short course on the rheology of polymers, proteins, dispersions, surfactants and biopolymer networks. The material is designed to give chemists, formulators, pharmacists, petroleum engineers, geologists, and materials engineers an understanding of rheology fundamentals, principles of measurements, and applications to practical problem solving. Applications are drawn from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries (proteins, biofilms, and lipids), personal and food products, polymer characterization and processing industry. We are pleased to have assembled an outstanding faculty with extensive experience in teaching rheology and applying it to solving industrial problems. Students will learn optimal measurement techniques, data reduction and interpretation and case study applications in lectures and working sessions with the instructors.

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Rheology Short Course-Leuven, Belgium

Sept 2-6 (with lab) KU Leuven
The European School on Rheology is an intensive short course designed to give practicing engineers and scientists an understanding of the fundamentals of rheology, its principles of measurement and its application to problem solving.

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